HVDC Services

PBA HVDC Services

HVDC is both a challenging and specialist field. At PBA we offer our DC clients leading expertise spanning a wide variety of HVDC technologies.

Covering the entire HVDC system from thyristor stacks, filter bank circuit breakers and converter transformers through to the interface between the differing SCADA and control systems, PBA has a team with practical experience. So when you need hands-on consultancy services for new installs, compliance or emergency fault-finding, you can be reassured that with PBA you have professionals on the job.

An area of specialist expertise is optimising the efficiency and reliability of HVDC transmission control. We can also interface responsive systems across eras and manufacturers, ensuring that old and new technologies run smoothly together.

PBA offers and continues to invest in the most highly factory-trained HVDC team available, with hands-on offshore training. This team delivers a service that is flexible and highly responsive because we are based at both ends of the New Zealand HVDC link. We complement this with a highly mobile service as required.

PBA has worked successfully on New Zealand’s signature HVDC projects, and when it comes to experienced professionals with the right hardware on hand PBA is the ‘go to’ expert for HVDC.

PBA's HVDC specialist services are grounded in leading experience across the full range of HVDC technologies, including the management of reactive power plant, condensers and SVCs.

Our services include:

  • Emergency fault-finding on site
  • Compliance with industry standards
  • Interfacing old and new technologies
  • Project management consultancy services for new installations and commissioning
  • Decommissioning and removing redundant control systems without affecting operations/transmission

Each of these services is supported by the full suite of world-class testing equipment.

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