Super Load - Super Move

May 1, 2020

Monitoring the move of a 340 tonne transformer was all in a day's work for the PBA Australia team. The transformer, built by Hyundai in Ulsan, South Korea, was shipped out mid-April 2020 arriving at Port Melbourne in late May.

The first task for the PBA team, led by Peter Jefford, was to support Hyundai with the move of the unit to site. The 340 tonne Hyundai transformer rated at 600MVA / 500kV was transported in a 101 metre long, 4.5 metre wide, 5.3 metre high ‘super load’ with an all up weight of a massive 645 tonnes.

Utilising the services of up to five prime movers, the project involved a team of specialist engineers and pilot vehicles to move the transformer to Loy Yang B power station in Traralgon, Victoria.

After the PBA team completed assembly of the transformer the filled the unit with 110,000 litres of oil and then progressed the acceptance testing. Read more...



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