Proud to Achieve Carbon Zero Certification

July 18, 2022

PBA is proud to announce that it has been awarded Carbon Zero Certification, validating the work the business is doing to take action on climate change.

The Toitū carbon zero certification is awarded and verified annually by Toitū Envirocare (Enviro-Mark Solutions), an independent organisation. The certification measures the greenhouse gas footprint of a business and is awarded to organisations who achieve carbon neutral in their everyday practices, offsetting any emissions with carbon credits.

The certification is recognised globally, in over 60 countries.PBA is a leader in the provision of specialist services and solutions to the High Voltage industry, including the management of industry sources of emissions; notably demonstrated though the EcoGas600 SF6 gas Asset and Emissions Reporting platform. PBA’s journey in securing Carbon Zero Certification commenced in 2020 and has been driven by organisational objectives of continuous improvement, environmental responsibility, and recognition as a sustainable business partner.

Vern Beleski, PBA Ltd General Manager, is pleased to achieve this certification, saying that it is about doing the right thing for the environment, the community, and PBA’s customers. Not only that, but it is positive for business, focusing thinking and resources to achieve greater levels of efficiency and performance.

PBA will continue to work to maintain this certification, and compliance with the programme will be independently verified annually to maintain certification.

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