Maraetai 220 kV Circuit Breaker Replacement

June 15, 2021

PBA Ltd has recently been involved in the delivery of the Maraetai No.1 220kV Circuit Breaker replacement project for Mercury NZ Ltd. PBA’s Project Manager Scott Montagu recognised this was a challenging, yet satisfying project working in harsh weather conditions and on a site with multiple physical constraints (including being within the vicinity of live 220kV equipment).

The result of this project has been the removal of several old Circuit Breaker foundations from years gone past creating a safer, level, and unobstructed maintenance platform, allowing EWP and vehicle access to service the new ABB LTB245 Circuit Breakers. The project was completed over 18 months from tender award through to completion.

The PBA team found it a pleasure to work with Mercury NZ and our team of Subcontractors.


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