Hyundai Transformer Installations

January 9, 2015

PBA have recently completed executing a trio of high profile transformer installation projects for Hyundai Heavy Industries.

A 250 MVA unit at Transpower's Islington substation and two 120 MVA units at Paraparaumu substation were underway almost simultaneously with the second Paraparaumu transformer delivered only two weeks after planned completion of the first. Beginning to work with Hyundai on these projects has been a milestone for the business in a couple of respects. It is another big step in continuing to establish PBA’s reputation as New Zealand's provider of leading expertise in power transformer installations. Forging this relationship with Hyundai in parallel with other works further demonstrates PBA's ability to maintain up to three transformer installation projects across New Zealand's two main islands at any one time.

Time lapse footage of one of the Paraparaumu transformer units being installed is available below:

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