Tekapo B HV Bushing Replacement

June 17, 2020

The essential work hasn’t stopped for the PBA team as we now help with New Zealand’s recovery. Currently underway for Genesis Energy is the 220kV bushing replacement on the Tekapo B generator step up transformers as part of Genesis Energy’s preventative maintenance programme.

This project has been rolled out over two three-month outages and we’ve recently reached the halfway point. Led by Daniel Booker, the PBA team successfully adapted site routine to accommodate the complexity of Covid-19 measures while working through New Zealand’s countrywide level 4 lockdown.

The challenge of working in a Covid-19 environment required greater focus on the wellbeing of team members and ensuring that PBA’s reporting and communication supported the needs of the Genesis management team in delivering this critical work on time and to spec. Well done to our team!

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