33kV Cable Terminations

March 15, 2016

PBA were engaged to complete two sets of 33kV cable terminations as part of a switching station upgrade. 

At one end of the 630mm² cable run, the three cables were terminated atop a 12 metre pole.  This was was one of two main incoming circuits to the substation. The work area was surrounded by live circuits and therefore some careful planning was carried out which initiated a variety of safety documents and plans to enable the work to be carried out safely.  This included a close approach permit due to the Elevated Work Platform (a knuckle boom) needing to encroach within 4 metres to the adjacent live circuits.

Such obstacles are common to PBA staff and are part and parcel of the environment PBA staff work in on a daily basis. The cable accessories installed on this occasion were 33kV heat shrink terminations with crimped lugs.

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