Mike McLay - Support Solutions Manager

filler 30 May 2016

Z Mike McLay photoMike McLay has over 15 years’ experience in the New Zealand's high voltage industry and specialises in general High Voltage equipment requirements including SF6 supply and leak detection.

Mike started his career as an Electrical Fitter based in the substation maintenance group at Islington substation and has developed a broad experience base across all aspects of AC stations primary equipment maintenance and installation.  Within PBA Mike holds a key role in managing the SF6 gas contract between PBA and Transpower while also coordinating most of the business's SF6 and circuit breaker works.  One of Mike's strengths is his desire to always understand a client's needs to identify the skills required for specific tasks and then supplying the best suited PBA specialists to meet the client's needs.  Mike is also one of PBA's primary custodions and operators of one of Two FLIR SF6 leak detection cameras owned by Transpower.