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HVDC Pole 3 Upgrade

filler 9 June 2016

PBA were subcontracted by Siemens throughout the HVDC Pole 3 Project at Transpower’s Haywards and Benmore substations.


Emergency Transformer Change

filler 16 March 2016

PBA came to the rescue when a 33/11kV distribution transformer failed.  


33kV Cable Terminations

filler 15 March 2016

PBA were engaged to complete two sets of 33kV cable terminations as part of a switching station upgrade. 


220kV CB Head Overhaul

filler 1 July 2015

Following on from the 220KV CB head replacement at Haywards substation, PBA were engaged to carry out a major overhaul of the removed CB heads to enable Transpower to keep these as serviceable spares.


ABB HPL CB Head Replacement

filler 21 May 2015

Recently PBA were engaged to carry out a set of head replacements on a 220kV ABB HPL Circuit Breaker at Haywards substation.


Haywards C9/T9 & C10/T10 Upgrade Project

filler 16 April 2015

PBA Technical Specialists completed the upgrade of Synchronous Condensers 9 and 10 and their associated Transformers at Haywards substation. The project was completed with the commissioning of SC10 8 months later.


GE Multilin relays - Orion Network

filler 20 March 2015

PBA were recently engaged by one of Orion’s HV Electrical Contractors to provide technical support at Larcomb and Weedons substations near Rolleston which form part of the Orion network.  The work involved pre-commissioning and commissioning of transformer, line, bus zone and feeder protection systems using GE Multilin relays for 11kV and 66kV equipment. 


Hyundai Transformer Installations

filler 9 January 2015

PBA have recently completed executing a trio of high profile transformer installation projects for Hyundai Heavy Industries.


PBA SF6 Specialists Reclaim over 1,600 kilos of gas

filler 21 November 2014

As part of a specialist services contract PBA manage the distribution and returns of all Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF6) gas for Transpower.  PBA provide testing and consolidation of any returned and expended SF6 cylinders.  Following an SF6 cylinder amnesty, over 200 cylinders were returned providing plenty of work for PBA’s SF6 team to get on with.  PBA have been weighing each cylinder and then testing and categorising these cylinders as new gas, reusable gas and contaminated gas.  Cylinders with an existing LAB numbers but with expired inspection dates were evacuated of all their gas and then inspected.  Those which were then assessed as being in good condition were sent to test certifiers for recertification, on return these cylinders were ready for re-use.


Samoan Hospital Electrical Supply

filler 8 July 2013

Business boundaries are continually being expanded by the PBA team and this continues with a group of PBA’s specialists travelling to Samoa to test and commission some 11kV switchgear at the capital city’s hospital.