HVDC Pole 3 Upgrade

filler 9 June 2016

PBA were subcontracted by Siemens throughout the HVDC Pole 3 Project at Transpower’s Haywards and Benmore substations.

The initial work involved providing extensive interfacing data as there was a requirement to connect to a large amount of existing plant to existing systems.  The sites involved were very complex and PBA’s detailed knowledge of the sites was a critical factor in the work being completed in a timely manner.

PBA was then requested to travel to Germany to participate in the Factory Acceptance Testing of the cubicles required for interfacing the new system to existing plant.  This involved new protection schemes for filter and transformer banks, interfacing equipment for synchronous condensers, generators, transmission lines and submarine cable stations.  A review of the interfacing designs was then undertaken by PBA’s HVDC specialists to confirm the strategy for the design and to ensure that installation of the equipment would be as smooth as possible.  This incorporated modified schematics and new Siemens designs and required several iterations to provide corrected data.

PBA then installed, tested and commissioned the interfacing cubicles including new protection schemes for additional local service transformers and switchgear. Cubicles were also installed, tested and commissioned at 3 remote sites. This involved additional work and numerous planned outages to complete testing and commissioning.  During this period PBA were also contracted to assist with remedial work and design changes for Siemens.  This work varied widely and ranged from supervision of other contractors to assisting Siemens’ engineers with design work to remedy defects.  

Lastly PBA were given the task of providing marked-up copies of the existing drawings to the Siemens draughtsmen to complete the project work.  This was no easy task as there were approximately 10,000 drawings completed during this time.

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