Benmore Final Configuration Project

filler 1 February 2011

In 2010 PBA secured a significant project with Meridian Energy, the Benmore Final Configuration Project (FCP).

Under this project each of the six 16kV generators are reconnected to the 220kV national grid via six new Generator Circuit Breakers (GCBs) and three 220/16/16 kV three winding Transformers. This project involves the installation and commissioning of two additional new three winding transformers. Each of the three 220/16/16 kV three winding Transformers will interconnect two generators to the 220kV national grid with one generator on each of the two 16kV secondary windings. The connections between the transformer and generators are made via isolated phase bus (IPB). The project encompasses many aspects and disciplines typically associated with large projects in the electricity industry including civil construction, electrical installation, IPB and overhead lines, transformer assembly, HV testing, control and protection testing and commissioning. 

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