SF6 Mass Flow Meter

filler 28 May 2015

The latest addition to PBA’s market leading SF6 service is the EcoGas600M - a high accuracy Mass Flow Meter. The EcoGas600M is the culmination of 18 months of research and development conducted by PBA and represents a significant step forward in our ability to assure compliance to SF6 emission standards.

The EcoGas600M is designed to capture SF6 transaction data and provide evidence of compliance to meet Environmental Protection Authority requirements. It has been constructed using a combination of high precision proprietary sensors from Vaisala and Alicat, and custom built electronics. Software to tie the design together has been designed from the ground up with accuracy and usability as its central tenets. The front panel features a 7 inch touchscreen for data entry and displaying results, a USB port for uploading and downloading data, and Dilo DN8 fittings for quick and secure gas connections. It is capable of running on mains and battery power and is rated to IP54.

The EcoGas600M is configured to measure the 4 types of SF6 transaction (De-gas, Fill, Top-up, and Cylinder to cylinder transfer) and records the data appropriate to that transaction. The device measures Mass Flow, Pressure, Temperature, and Dewpoint of the gas. Combined with operator and equipment data this will build up a clear picture of the state of the Circuit Breaker fleet. Over time the EcoGas600M will provide increasingly accurate information on CB leak rates and other emissions. The data is stored internally and then downloaded and integrated into the EcoGas600D database for record keeping and analysis. 

PBA EcoGas 600M

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